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Located in the historic Soundy Building (1883), adjoining the State Cinema on Elizabeth Street in the vibrant North Hobart cultural hub, the State Cinema Bookstore is a boutique store selling fine books, paper, stationery and gifts. We specialise in non-fiction, travel, art, fashion, architecture, and hand-selected fiction titles along with a wide range of stationery items including LAMY pens and Moleskine notebooks. Gift Vouchers are also available.

With the State Cinema, Bookstore and Café Bar all on the one premises, you can now enjoy a fine film, coffee or glass of wine, and take home your next great read all in one visit. We’re open from 10am seven days a week, and until late on Friday and Saturday nights, so you can pop in at your leisure for a treat anytime!


Featured Titles

  • All the Birds Singing
  • miniturist
  • 9781780893198
  • When It Rains
  • COVSpinifex Baby final2

News and Events

shadow of doubt2

Shadow of Doubt - in store now.

We're pleased to be stocking the DVD of the award winning local documentary Shadow of Doubt.

In 2010 Susan Neill-Fraser, a Tasmanian grandmother was jailed for 26 years for killing her partner. There were no witnesses, no weapon, no forensic evidence linking her to the scene, no confession and Bob Chappell's body has never been found. The police focused on one suspect - Sue Neill-Fraser. Why was a jury convinced beyond reasonable doubt? Her family tries to 'prove' she is innocent. The more they investigate the more they uncover - mistakes, lies and misrepresentation. Set in Hobart, this documentary follows one of the most intriguing and alarming legal cases in recent Australian history.


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